Custom Walls and Vanity Mirrors

Mirrors play a vital role for the enhancement of interior design of your house. Apart from personal and decorative use, it adds the versatility and comfort to your rooms. The best thing about using the mirrors in the room is that they are easily adjustable with any decorative theme of your choice. To enhance the focal point of any room, interior designers suggest placing a mirror over there. Mirrors and wardrobe closets are installed according to your needs.

  • Vanity Mirrors
  • Bedroom or closet wall mirrors
  • Customized lights and wall outlets
  • Cut size and full length mirrors
  • Mirrors in the gym and workout rooms
  • Mirrors on fire place and in living rooms
  • Commercial Mirrors

Mirror Types

  • Bronze antique mirrors
  • Clear antique mirrors
  • Gold antique mirrors
  • Beveled edge clear mirrors
  • Eased edge mirrors

Custom Walls & Mirrors

Edge Finish